Moments of Forest - Online Nature Experience
Peep into the happenings in nature, include moments of Forest in our daily life.

We have produced several professionally filmed videos, packaging aspects of our education programmes and the beautiful environment of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden so you can enjoy KFBG from where you are.

Choose from our selection of videos to discover more about nature, from orchids to woodworking. Discover the hidden beauty of nature through a virtual scavenger hunt or enjoy a moment of silent contemplation.

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The City and Nature

Long before urban and technological development, people relied heavily on natural resources to make a living. By conforming various types of natural environments, different habits and cultures were established. Looking back into anthropological history and rethinking the behaviour of manipulating nature today, human remains insignificant in front of the vast and powerful nature. Click to watch a series of four videos, which will introduce Tai Po through historical aspect. By learning about the geography, flora and cultural landscape of Tai Po, you may discover the intimate interaction between nature and us and therefore to harmonise our relationship with the environment.

A Moment of Contemplation

Take time out in your busy day-to-day and pause to take a moment of contemplation. Immerse yourself in the beautiful ambient sounds of KFBG and experience Nature’s tranquility from home.

Zentangle in Nature
Invitations from the Forest- Guided Journeys to connect yourself with nature

Find below, a series of Forest Invitations in the form of Guided Audio clips. Each invitation guides you to connect with yourself and with nature through your senses. Follow them in your own time, at your own pace and place. Allow yourself to take a break from your daily life by giving yourself the gift of time to connect and simply be.

Each Forest Invitation is approximately 10- 20 minutes long. Most of these invitations can be done indoors as well as outdoors. Simply bring your earphones (for a more immersive experience) and open your heart to the experience to begin. If you are invited to listen to the surrounding sounds during the invitation, you can simply remove one of your earphones. Find further information about each invitation below and enjoy!

Pastel Nature Sketching

The medium of pastel provides a rich selection of colours. It creates unique effects which give a harmonious feeling, and it is easy to carry, making it particularly suitable for outdoor sketching. In the videos, the artist, David Chui, makes use of the natural scenery of KFBG, to introduce the basic skills of pastel sketching, and to guide you to enjoy nature sketching.

Parents and Children

Explore nature with your child even from the comfort of your own home. Inspire your child’s curiosity in the natural world and discover the hidden beauty of nature together.

Online Courses / Virtual Tour
Hands-on Workshop / Art & Crafts

Hands-on workshops are some of our most popular programmes at KFBG. Follow-along to an activity and connect with nature through a fun DIY project.

Other Resources

Apart from videos, we have also curated a number of activities in PDF format for parents and children to connect with nature from home. Work through the activities in the booklets at your own pace and make learning fun through exercises and interactive activities.