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Let Orchids Bloom Again

Many people like to buy orchids, but then discard them after they’ve finished flowering. Learn the following steps and let your orchids bloom again year after year.

Steps for re-potting your orchid:

Step 1: Get your tools ready: scissors, moss and potting mixture (charcoal, bark and stones) from sustainable sources, an organic fertiliser and a clay pot.

Step 2: Cut away rotten roots and remove the withering flowering shoot once it has finished blooming.

Step 3: Place the orchid inside the pot and fill up to the rim with potting mixture and a top layer of moss.

Step 4: Place the fertiliser near the base of the plant.

Step 5: Water the roots (not the leaves) thoroughly until water drains out from the holes.

Orchids enjoy indirect sunlight and an airy environment, so are best placed near a window or on the balcony.