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The Secret Life of Bees

Have you ever observed bees closely? Learn about the secret life of bees by the beehives at KFBG.

Take a closer look at their movements and see if you notice some of their unique behaviour.

Sometimes, wasps will raid a beehive to steal honey and even prey on the bee larvae. Worker bees outside the beehive will gather and move their wings back and forth to fend off the wasps. If the wasp attack is strong, the worker bees may even be killed. To protect our beehives, we have deliberately pinned a small metal mesh at the entrance of the box to prevent larger wasps from entering the hive.

Take a closer look. Did you notice the returning bees carrying something yellow on their legs? This yellow substance is pollen, collected by the industrious bees as they gathered nectar from flowers. The bees will return to the hive and leave the protein-filled pollen for the larvae to eat.

Watch carefully and learn about the multifaceted lives of bees!