Moments of Forest - Online Nature Experience

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the at-home nature scavenger hunt with your kids

Nature is never out of reach even we are staying at home. Follow our “Wild Treasures” video to walk around the little secret corners in KFBG and discover the hidden surprises in nature with your kids. Get some clues for what to find from the scavenger hunt booklet and have fun to meet some new nature friends.

If you are ready, let’s start the nature scavenger hunt now!

How to use these resources?

• “Wild Treasure” Video
Watch the video with your kids and explore the hidden nature items with full attention! See who can find more treasures?

• Nature Scavenger Hunt Booklet
The booklet gives a clearer direction to children on what to explore. Guide your kids to tick the box when they successfully spot any nature item. Also play the “Be the nature painter” and “Photo hunt” with your kids to open their sensation to appreciate nature. Don’t forget to share with each other what surprises you have found after the hunt.

Click to download:
Scavenger Hunt in KFBG (pdf)

※ Follow-up activity ※
If you have chance to take a short outdoor walk, play the scavenger hunt again in a nature setting! Encourage your kids to open their senses, follow the guidance on the booklet to explore nature and take pictures.