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FOREST DAY AND NIGHT - Paper Shadowbox for Porcupine

With simple steps, you can learn about the Porcupines and build a habitat for them at anywhere in the world!

This fun and easy Forest Shadow Box is an art and craft kit for children to explore the relationship between object, light, and shadow at home. Search for different nature elements and create unique scenery for the Porcupines. Let us follow the video and create together!

Exercise our hand muscles to cut and paste
Collect loose parts in nature for more variation
Create different settings with your creativity
Explore light and shadow on a mini puppet stage

Age 6 or above (parental guidance is recommended)

Safety Precaution
The material contains camphor wood, which may cause allergies and discomfort. If you are diagnosed with G-6-PD deficiency or other related symptoms, you should not use this product. If you have any questions, please consult your family doctor before purchasing.

*All the tools and materials used in the video can be purchased or prepared by yourself. If you wish to purchase our ‘Material Package’, please click this link.